Wednesbury Learning Community Trust

together to improve
the life chances
of children and
families in the
Wednesbury area"

What We Do

What does the Trust do?

Wednesbury schools have a long history of working together. The formation of the Wednesbury Learning Community Trust in 2011 enabled schools to do this more effectively.

The Trust now owns and manages the land and assets of its schools on behalf of the local community. Trustees meet termly to support and oversee the work of schools, and report annually to members on progress and achievement.

The Trust Board is made up from the headteachers and governors of the schools they serve, together with representatives from partner organisations. 

Each year Trustees approve an Action Plan which aims to raise attainment, increase expectations, and provide the conditions for learning which encourage young people to learn and prosper.

The Trust's aims, which drive our Action Plan, are to:

a)Continue to improve the quality of teaching and leadership in Trust schools

To help us to do this, we run our own Teaching School, based at Harvills Hawthorn Primary, which provides initial teacher training, and offers a wide range of training and support for Wednesbury schools and beyond.

We also operate a range of Learning Hubs, drawing on the expertise of teachers in our schools. Current Hubs include:

Arts, led by Moorlands Primary School

Assessment, led by Moorlands Primary School

Early Years and Foundation Stage, led by Albert Pritchard Infant School

ICT, led by Tameside Primary School

Literacy, led by Old Park Primary School

Maths, led by Harvills Hawthorn Primary School

Phonics, led by Park Hill Primary School

Safeguarding, led by The Priory Primary School and Holyhead Primary School


b) Increase aspirations and expectations among pupils and parents

To do this,

The Trust provides a host of exciting opportunities for pupils, including inter-school events such as The Book Quiz, The Maths Quiz and a Public Speaking Competition;

Representatives from Schools Councils work together on a different focus each year - this year, they have been considering 'What It Means to be British'

Each year all schools take part in the Wednesbury Arts Festival, culminating in performances for parents and community at Wednesbury Town Hall


c) Use resources efficiently in the interests of learning

To do this, 

Trust schools each contribute to a central fund which pays for the provision of learning activity across the Trust

Schools have a number of joint purchasing initiatives, which enable them to achieve best value in the purchase of goods and services


d)Create the right conditions for learning

To do this, 

Trust schools operate a number of joint initiatives to ensure that young people arrive at school ready and able to learn.

In the coming year (2016/7) this will include a Health Improvement Project, to increase children's fitness levels and improve their understanding of food and healthy eating.


How will the Trust make a difference?

By working together to focus on achievement.

At a time when the role of the local authority is diminishing and schools increasingly find themselves working alone, the Trust provides the means of bringing local schools together to serve a common purpose and the needs of the local community.  

We hope to use this website to share with you the work of the Trust and the achievements of our young people.