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"Coming together to make teaching and learning better"

Wednesbury Teaching School Alliance is led by Harvills Hawthorn Primary School, an outstanding primary school which is proud to be recognised as a National Teaching School. Teaching Schools are centres of excellence that have a strong track record of collaborative working and are part of the government's plan to give schools a central role in raising standards by developing a self-improving and sustainable school-led system.

What is the Wednesbury Teaching School Alliance?

The Wednesbury Teaching School alliance is based in and around Wednesbury in the West Midlands. We are a growing alliance of schools whose collaborative and effective partnership is underpinned by our commitment to constantly improve outcomes for all of our pupils. We currently have 12 schools within the alliance which all serve a diverse range of communities.

Harvills Hawthorn Primary School is a member of the Wednesbury Learning Community Trust which sits at the heart of our alliance and has a long history of effective partnership work in developing teaching and learning to raise standards; school leadership development; management of resources; raising aspirations across the community; joint pupil events and school-to-school support.

Gaining Teaching School status and further developing our alliance has been a natural evolution for the schools within the trust and provided a platform to further develop innovative practice through research and training; identify and develop leaders; provide a range of support to schools and ensure that the next generation of teachers is the best generation of teachers.

Why Join Our Alliance?

If you join our alliance you will become a member of an innovative, collaborative partnership which will support your school in its learning journey and also welcome you into our own growing learning community. Our schools have a proven track record of working in partnership with local universities, local authorities and, most importantly, each other and this lies at the heart of our alliance. Within the teaching school alliance we have schools that specialise in particular areas and are known as "Hub Schools". The current hubs lead on; Maths, English, Phonics, Early Years, Gifted & Talented, Computing, Assessment and The Arts.

These hubs enable expertise to be shared. This is achieved through regular network meetings, training opportunities and project work. As a member of the alliance you would be able to access this valuable resource. You can also enjoy reduced rates on most of the courses offered through our extensive CPD offer.

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